Know the Difference Between Industrial and Hobby Seeing Machines

There will be confusion always between the users related to the difference between industrial and domestic seeing machines. There arises a question whether there is really a difference. Some may try to purchase industrial sewing machine for domestic needs which is waste of money. Even though there are similarities in the machines there is various differences in its uses. There are differences in the sewing machine that can sew leather and domestic seeing machine.


Domestic sewing machines are designed in such a way that they can be used only for certain hours at a time.  The sewer can stop and start the project easily. Domestic sewing machines can be stopped for adjusting pins, fabric etc.  Sewing machine that can sew leather are designed to function for longer hours. Industrial machines are used for intense projects. People can opt for industrial machines for constantly using the machines for projects.

Fabric use

The domestic sewing machines are designed for stitching lighter materials. These machines are normally used for repairs and alteration at home. Industrial sewing machines are specially designed for thicker and heavy duty materials. These machines continuously stitch leather and other thicker fabric for longer durations in the industrial environment.


Hefty elements are available in the industrial machines. The reason is they have to function continuously for longer time. Motor, rods and mechanical parts are used same in industrial and domestic sewing machines. The difference is easy to see.  The motor used in the industrial machines can be seen easily. Huge motors will be attached to the industrial sewing machines. The reason is they have to work for longer durations. The main function of the motor is to power the machine. Domestic sewing machines on the other hand will have compact motors which are used for small uses. This is the main benefit of the domestic sewing machines. These machines can be stored easily when they are not used.  These machines are stronger, perfect and lighter in nature.

Both the machines have their benefits and it purely depends on the users to decide when suits them best. In order to complete lot of work the whole day industrial sewing machine might be the best choice for the users. Domestic sewing machines can only be used for stitching clothes and for repairs. They are entirely designed keeping house wives in the mind.

The users must clearly know the difference between the domestic sewing machines and industrial machines before going for the purchase. Having complete knowledge regarding the machines will be helpful for the sewers while making a decision. Instead of wasting money on wrong machine it is always better to buy the right one that suits their purpose.